New Version Release Announcement

Here's What's New and Improved

New Subscription Model:

  • Supply Wisdom has introduced a new subscription model to better serve the diverse monitoring needs of companies with a vast portfolio of third parties and locations.
  • The new subscription model offers a choice of four different tiers of risk coverage for third parties and locations based on their specific level of risk to your organization.
  • By matching your third parties’ and/or locations’ risk level to the appropriate Supply Wisdom risk monitoring tier, organizations can now monitor all of their third parties and locations efficiently and cost effectively for risk. 


*All Info and Manager level subscriptions will be moved to the Comprehensive tier.

To go beyond this critical level only coverage - contact to learn more about how our new Risk Monitoring Tier subscriptions can enable you to cover all of your third parties and locations for risk cost effectively.

What Risk Coverage is Included for Each New Risk Monitoring Tier:

Dashboard Changes:

  • Info and Manager dashboards are now consolidated into a unified dashboard.
  • You can access your entire portfolio of targets, their risk scorecards, and relevant alerts from the unified dashboard.

Composite Risk Score Calculations:

  • As a result of the change to the subscription tiers, the Composite Risk score is calculated based on the applicable risk monitoring tier for that particular target. (Please see graphic above for details)
  • To illustrate, under a Comprehensive subscription tier, the Composite Risk score is calculated based on the risk scores for all six third-party risk categories. Alternatively, under a Primary subscription tier, the Composite Risk score is calculated based only Financial and Cybersecurity Risk scores.

Risk Scores and Trends for Individual Parameters:

  • You can now generate risk trend graphs and compare trends for several targets based on a single selected risk parameter.  
  • In earlier versions, Supply Wisdom supported risk graphs and comparative scorecards only for all six third-party and eight location risk categories and their sub-categories, inclusively.

Easy Access to Targets based on Risk Level:

  • Using our new subscription tiers, it is now possible to view Supply Wisdom’s risk intelligence for your targets based on their risk level to your organization.
  • By selecting the subscription tier in your dashboard, you can choose to view risk intelligence only for your targets that are Critical, High, Moderate or Low.

Color Codes for Risk Impact:

  • To improve readability and digestion of the alerts, we have changed the colors for each risk impact level to be more intuitive.
  • The new impact level colors are follows:

Performance and Bug Fixes:

  • Several minor bugs and performance issues have been addressed with this release.
  • Supply Wisdom can now fetch and render data from our servers much faster than the last version.